Hinge Solutions

Hinge Solutions

WEIDER Hinges offer,  solutions for Glass door as well as Fire rated capabilities and specifications that meets any type of project specifications and requirements for entrance door to internal doors.

High precision and quality  means low overall costs to provide economical solutions for our end users.  

Timber & Framed Door
SUS 3D Conceal Hinge 3DX Series Weider
Pivot Hinge 725 Series Weider  COMPLETE

Concealed Stainless Steel 3DX Hinge

Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Hinge

Stainless Steel Ball Bearing narrow stile pivot hinge

Frameless Glass Door

2DX-100 2D Concealed Glass Hinge

WPH-300 Glass Hinge

DX-2000 Glass Hinge

DX-2500 Glass Hinge

DX-3000 Glass Hinge

DX-6000 Glass Hinge


DX-200 Glass Hinge


DX-810 Glass Hinge


DX-820 Glass Hinge