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Frequently Asked Questions


Still some questions and queries unanswered? 

Email us. We are here to answer any doubts which you may have. 








Why Weider?

Our vast experience accumulated over 4 decades meant that we are able to identify solutions for any project fast. Our reputation build over the years wins us trust relationships with our clietns to grow together. We may not be the cheapest but we are the most reliable and trusted in joint development of solutions with our reputable clients all around the globe. 

What are the product lines supplied by Weider?


Weider Group aims to provide a total solution to clients with diversified needs. We cater to each specific project needs which are distinct. Patented design and solution provides unique selling point and competitive advantage superseding superficial price war. 

Tailored solutions means that we take time to understand individual requirements before proposing the cost effective solution and one stop shop to all your project needs. 



How can I find out more about the solution I am after?

Weider remain flexible and adaptable in its product solutions and services. This means we recognise differences in demands and are able to customise our solutions accordingly. 

We provide our expertise and experience to knowledgeable opinion and advice to cut through problem solvign of project complexities. Emal Weider today to find out what we can do for you. 



What are the assurance Weider can give?

We provide a minimum of 1-2 years limited product warranty on our products. Weider ensures all products sold has undergone piece by piece quality control to ensure both material and workmanship has met our outstanding quality and performance. 


Why are Weider solution more costly?

Uncompromised quality comes with a price. Weider's aim is to provide fuss free solutions at minimal cost. Most importantly, we understand the increasing costs of labor which includes initial installation and after sales maintenace. Weider anticipates possible issues which may arise during installation, elimiates possible hiccups and adjustable and flexible solutions to ensure efficient installaiton and low susequent hidden costs to do with after sales service. 


Finding the Right Partner and Return on Investment 

We are constantly looking to serve our clients with products that are set to help market growth and end user satisfactory building long term relationship. Potential to grow and expand your local market potential as leaders in the market sectors with Weider Solutions. Confidence   


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