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About Us


DVD Pte Ltd was established in 1974. DVD Pte Ltd began producing Ball bearing rollers for aluminum windows and doors, plastic injection molding parts, gaskets & crescent fasteners.


Aluminum windows and door hardware industry in South East Asia began declining, Weider began expanding its product folio into glass hardware industry, supplying patch fittings, patch locks and shower hinges which fulfill BS EN Standard. Weider began co-operating with German corporation partners and invested in producing light weight and heavy duty patch fittings. Integrating car manufacturing technologies, Weider began producing gravity casting patch fittings and patch locks to ensure its product durability and safety for all users.


Weider Metal Singapore branch was established.


Due to strong market demands of long-lasting surface finish with lever handles and pull handles, Weider developed and integrated the manufacturing technique of investment casting technology into producing stainless steel lever handles and pull handles, to overcome the challenges of surface finishes and ensure these finishes were  made to last.


Weider designed & patented “single throw mortise lock” and began producing and supplying BS EN Standard mortise lock, key cylinder, ring cup, door closer for UK corporation partners.


Weider Supplied to Singapore Housing Board projects including mortise lock, lever handle, shower hinges, door closer.


With the developments of stainless steel lever handle, Weider began using investment casting methodology to design and develop stainless steel glass Spider fittings for Australian, German & Swiss corporations .


Weider launched a full range of patented sliding system, telescopic sliding system, bi-parting synchronized system for both frameless glass and timber door, under white label for German partner.


 Weider relaunched itself into the market  focusing marketing efforts across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore,  Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, UK and USA 


Weider Launched and patented Semi Auto Self Closing Sliding System


Weider has achieved over 400 worldwide patents globally.


Weider Metal Inc was established in 1975 and further enhanced its production line and focused strong efforts in aluminum doors and window hardware. These production portfolios include key cylinders, hook locks, friction stay, hinges, espag bolts & cam handles.


In development of glass patch locks, Weider introduced, and developed a new series of patch locks with “mickey mouse” glass preparation to eliminate issues of glass locks dropping out from existing L shaped glass preparation design. Weider included swiss profile patch locks within its product line.


With these new developments, Weider was able to supply glass hardware fittings including patch fittings and patch locks to Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 project.


At the time German and European shower hinges were produced with aluminum casting. Understanding the demand for polished chrome finishes within APEC region, Weider began developing a whole series of shower hinges which were made from forge brass. With this new development in manufacturing, Weider was able to achieve long lasting polish chrome finish.

1982 to 1994

Weider expanded its market globally to US, Canada, Mexico, Germany, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, UAE.


Weider designed and patented spring cassette mechanism for stainless steel lever handle. With this non handing patented cassette mechanism, Weider further expanded its market into Europe, Netherland and produced and supplied BS EN Standard investment casting stainless steel levers and pull handles.


Weider designed and patented a new series of adjustable shower hinge & adjustable shower enclosure which expanded on its product portfolio


Supplying ANSI and BS EN Standard timber door, metal door, glass door hardware’ and sliding door systems, under white label for German partner.


Weider focuses strong efforts in designing and development of digital access control. Weider patented their motorize locks and digital door locks.


Weider Launched and patented Semi Auto Self Closing Telescopic Sliding Systems and bi-parting telescopic systems.


Weider has further expanded their flush door hardware into sliding door systems. Weider' s all new co-planar sliding door is packed with multiple add-on functionalities such as soft closing and soft opening as well as Semi-Auto Self Closing Technology


Due to economic climate, Weider expanded its market abroad into UAE and South East Asia market including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand mainly supplying aluminum windows and door hardware and key cylinders to local distributors.


In order to further expand the market into the Australia, Weider developed a full range of AS/NZS standard products to suit the Australian & New Zealand market. Weider began developing and producing Zinc alloy die casting products such as Jimmy proof lock, stainless steel door knob, aluminum door locks, timber door locks, C4 cylinders, which led to expansion into the Timber and Fire door market.


Australian partners invested and acquired into Weider Metal Inc. Weider Metal Australia was established.


Weider redesigned and began producing a new range of patented shower hinges for German Corporation partners.


 An agreement was made with German corporation partners in fully design and supply of Weider’s complete range of ironmongery hardware with agreement to retract Weider brand from market.


The great recession – German Corporation Partners shifted several production lines into lower production countries, Weider entered internal restructuring and maintained designing & producing premium ironmongeries and sliding systems.

Complete production line collaboration with German Corporation partners conceded.


Weider patented dual functional mortise locks & Airtight multipoint locks.


Re-launching Weider Brand in United States and European Market in providing unique and long lasting solutions

2023 ~ onwards

Weider has appointed Functional Fenestration Inc. as the exclusive distributor for Weider’s door and window hardware products in the North American market.


Weider focused strong efforts in expanding into the US, Canada & Mexico Market and cooperated with major US Corporations producing Tailpiece Cylinders, mortise latch, flush pull handles fulfilling ANSI standard with the use of steel, stainless steel, zinc alloy and aluminum alloy.


Weider further extended its reach by developing a range of products to suit the Japanese market. Weider developed and produced locks and key cylinders which are catered to JIS standards. With the support from global partners from Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Germany & Australia, Weider was able to attain the technology & experience to provide unique products to our distributors and clienteles to suit each every every market demand.


Weider Metal Hong Kong Branch was established.


Weider Metal Malaysia Branch was established.


Weider patented, designed and produced, a full range of architectural hardware’ including support bar, panic bar, shower hinges, cassette system stainless steel lever handle, pull handles, Euro profile key cylinder, stainless steel hinges, door closers, floor spring, sliding system and slide folding system


Designed and patented soft closing and soft opening sliding systems

2015 to 2018

Relaunched Weider brand into APEC


Weider patented self closing concealed hinges and hold open concealed hinges















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