Product Solution Matrix

WEIDER offers Architectural hardware at the highest calibre. 
Fire rated and specifications that meets any type of project specifications and requirements. 
International patents provide unique features and uncompromised quality. 
Universal preparations enables ease of installation and door preparations.
For any projects type and size, WEIDER Solutions has the solutions for Residential, commercial, Institutions, healthcare, government and hospitality projects.  
Ease of maintenance and high quality means low overall costs to provide economical solutions for our end users.  
Heavy Duty Lever Handle Solutions
Pull Handle & Shower Pull Solutions
Recess Handle Solutions
EPC cylinder.jpg
High Security Key Cylinder Solutions
Glass Hinge Solutions
Shower Sliding Solutions
Sliding Glass Door Solutions
Bi-Parting Synchronized Sliding Glass Door Solutions
TS Glass Weider Catalogue-20171012.jpg
Telescopic Synchronized Sliding Glass Door Solutions
FGP150 Glass Weider Catalogue-20171012.j
Sliding & Folding Glass Door Solutions
Sliding Wooden & Framed Door Solutions
Bi-Parting Synchronized Sliding Wooden & Framed Door Solutions
Telescopic Synchronized Sliding Wooden & Framed Door Solutions
SL_4_SM Timber Metal Sliding and Folding
Sliding & Folding Wooden & Framed Door Solutions
Pivot Hinge 725 Series Weider  COMPLETE
Wooden & Metal Door Pivot Solutions
Timber & Metal Door Narrow Stile Mortise
Wooden & Metal Door Dead Lock Solutions
Glass Door Hook Lock Solutions
WL-280-T_M Timber & Metal Door Hook Lock
Wooden & Metal Door Hook Lock Solutions
Glass Door Mortise Dead Lock Weider  Cat
Glass Door Dead Lock Solutions
Wooden & Metal Door Narrow Stile Mortise Lock Solutions
Glass Door Studio Office Patch Lock Weid
Glass Door Studio Patch Lock Solutions
Mortice Lock WL-9000-SVP Weider  Catalog
Wooden & Metal Door Mortise Lock Solutions
Glass Door Mortise Lock Weider  Catalogu
Glass Door Mortise Lock Solutions
Multi-Point Lock & Conceal Espagnolette
Wooden & Metal Door Multi-point Air Tight Blast Lock Solutions
Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Hinge for Wooden & Framed Door Solutions
SUS 3D Conceal Hinge 3DX Series Weider
Stainless Steel Hinge for Wooden & Framed Door Solutions
2DX-80(5) Front.JPG
Stainless Steel Concealed Glass Hinge Solutions
DX 6000.jpg
Glass Hinge Solutions
Door Selector Solutions
Acoustic handle Weider  Catalogue-201708
Wooden & Metal Door Acoustic Handle Solutions
FP-800 no pz.jpg
Stainless Steel Sport Hall Fitting for Wooden & Framed Door Solutions
Ring Cup.jpg
Ring Cup Solutions
Flush Easy Clean and Dust Proof Socket W
Dust Proof Socket & Easy Clean Socket Solutions
Door Stop Solutions
WEIDER Patch Fitting and Patch Lock  COM
Heavy Duty Patch Fitting Solutions
WEIDER Door Closer COMPLETE _20150228.jp
Door Closer Solutions
WEIDER Floor Spring COMPLETE _20150328.j
Floor Spring & Transom Solutions
Flush Bolt Solutions
WSL-830-WVH-LM-19538_Multi-Point Lock &
Wooden & Metal Door Concealed Espagnolette Bolts Solutions