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SUS Butt Hinge

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Stainless Steel Hinge

WEIDER Stainless Steel hinges for aluminium and timber doors

The exceptional design features and high quality of WEIDER hinges offer the guarantee of unparalleled reliability and extended service life. Our shrouded ball bearing range of hinges contain high performance ball bearings ensuring excellent load bearing characteristics and the absorption of axial and radial stresses. This results in doors which move silently and effortlessly.


WEIDER Stainless Steel Butt hinges are highly recommended for commercial applications and residential applications. This range of hinges have many features such as; two to four bearings to all butt hinge ball bearing versions; Rounding off the features nicely is that they are all made from stainless steel providing protection from the environment and strength all at an economical price.

Product Features

  • 304 grade stainless steel

  • Complete with SSS fixing screws

  • Ball bearing butt hinges contain 2-4 bearings

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