DX-200 SERIES Gravity Hinges



  • DX-200 Glass Gavity Hinge

WEIDER Glass Door Hinge. The WEIDER DX-200 Series door hinge offers particular convenience. And all the more so where the door is returned to the desired closed position by the action of the hinges alone – without any need for a recessed floor spring or an overhead transom door closer.

DX-200 Gravity Glass Hinge Series sets a new standard


in this regard – whether for new installations or refurbishments.

Easy installation

DX-200 Single-action Gravitational door hinges can be fixed directly to the masonry or to a non-rebated frame. In the case of “glass-to-glass” model, the door is hung from a fixed toughened glass side screen.

Convincing technique

The DX-200 SERIES holds the door firmly and securely in position with only two hinges. Once pushed in the closing direction, the patented mechanism of the DX-200 fitting takes over. The door closes quickly and securely at 85 degrees and holds open at 90 degrees.


DX-200 SERIES third-party verification

With respect to quality and the production process Conforms to 100,000 operating cycles. 72hours salt spray Test. EN1935:2002; ISO1227

Benefits for the architect

  • For flexible, functional and design-related applications.

  • DX-200  door hinges can be fixed directly to the masonry or to a non-rebated frame.

  • System Loading per two hinge: Ranging from 45KG.

Benefits for the installer

  • Easy and reliable installation – saves time and money and ensures satisfied customer.


dx-200 gravity self closing hinge with wdel-9300 multifunctional mechatronic digital glass door lock & wph-1919 stainless steel pull handle


dx-200 gravity self closing hinge with wgl-9500 (up) glass door mortise lock & WGL-9000(down) glass door auto locking mortise lock

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