WPH 300 SERIES Pivot Hinges



  • WPH-300 Glass Pivot Hinge

WEIDER Glass Door Pivot Hinge. The WEIDER WPH Series door hinge offers particular convenience. And all the more so where the door is returned to the desired closed position by the action of the hinges alone – without any need for a recessed floor spring or an overhead transom door closer.

WPH Glass Pivot Hinge Series sets a new standard


in this regard – whether for new installations or refurbishments.

WEIDER WPH Series Pivot Hinges are designed for use with 8 to 10mm; 12mm upon request) tempered safety glass, and provide an extra number of application possibilities. 


Easy installation

WPH double-action door hinges can be fixed directly to the masonry or to a non-rebated frame.

Convincing technique

The WPH SERIES holds the door firmly and securely in position with only two hinges. Once pushed in the closing direction, the patented mechanism of the WPH fitting takes over. The door closes quickly and securely.Advantages of pivot hinges include the fact that they carry the majority of the weight on the bottom, and have the ability to be inset from the wall, enabling clearance for towel bars and other projections. 


DX SERIES third-party verification

With respect to quality and the production process Confirmed completion of 100,000 operating cycles. 72hours salt spray Test. EN1935:2002; ISO1227

Benefits for the architect

  • For flexible, functional and design-related applications.

  • WPH door hinges can be fixed directly to the masonry or to a non-rebated frame.

Benefits for the installer

  • Easy and reliable installation – saves time and money and ensures satisfied customer.


Gravity pivot hinge with studio lock


Gravity pivot hinge with stainless steel pull handle

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