Narrow Stile Pivot Hinge 725 SERIES

725 Narrow Stile Glass Pivot Hinge SERIES


  • 725 Series narrow stile pivot hinge

WEIDER Narrow Stile Pivot Glass Door Hinge. The WEIDER 725 Series Narrow Stile Pivot Door Hinge offers particular convenience. This Narrow Stile Pivot Hinge is designed to suit mordern narrow stile framed glass door design. The selected material enables interior wet and dry environments..

725 Series Narrow Stile Glass Pivot Hinge Series sets a new standard


in this regard – whether for new installations or refurbishments.

Easy installation

725 Series double-action door pivot hinges can be fixed directly to the masonry or to a non-rebated frame and with a min width of 25mm for most modern interior design door frames

Convincing technique

The 725 SERIES holds the door firmly and securely in position with only two pivot hinges.


725 SERIES third-party verification

With respect to quality and the production process Confirmed completion of 100,000 operating cycles.

Benefits for the architect

  • For flexible, functional and design-related applications.

  • 725 series door pivot hinges can be fixed directly to the masonry or to a non-rebated frame.

Benefits for the installer

  • Easy and reliable installation – saves time and money and ensures satisfied customer.

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