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Mortise Glass Lock

WEIDER Mortise Glass Lock SERIES

  • WGL-300

  • WGL-380

  • WGL-500

  • WGL-580

  • WGL-600

  • WGL-800

  • WGL-880

WEIDER Mortise Glass Lock with Full featured, multifunction, safety and securing

Locks for Glass doors

Weider Mortise Glass locks offer the very highest standard of quality and functional reliability. With the use of high-grade materials, precise production techniques and a comprehensive quality management system, all Weider Mortise locks meet demanding technical specifications. Locks from Weider are also offered as a set. The package contains the mortise lock with screws and strike plate.


Benefits for the trade/distributor

  • The package contains the mortise lock with screws and strike plate

  • Non-handed lock version to reduce stocking requirements

  • Noise cancelling strike plate

  • Meets requirements for EN 12209, the locks can also be reliably installed in buildings subject to heavy pedestrian traffic frequencies

  • Approved for fire-rated doors

Benefits for the installer/fabricator

  • WEIDER Mortise locks offer precision combined with simple installation in standard door sections

  • WEIDER Mortise locks exhibit consistently uniform sizes and are interchangeable both within and across each series

  • Latch handing can be reversed without the need for special tool, making WEIDER locks universally applicable

  • With their robust, maintenance-free lock mechanism, WEIDER locks offer a long service life, even under tough operating conditions

  • WEIDER locks are subject to strict quality requirements and are tested and certified according to EN 12209; for applications with increased security requirements, the locks are tested and certified in accordance with national and international standards

Benefits for the architect/specifier

  • The high-quality SSS surface finish (US32D) satisfies very high demands with respect to the appearance of the door furniture

  • Other finishes are upon request to complimend interior designers overall interior design


Reliability and engineering excellence

Whichever solution you opt for, you can be sure that absolute reliability and engineering excellence will be included as standard.

Where customer centric solutions provides the key to success
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