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S Series Cylinder

  • S Series Cylinder

S Series Euro profile key cylinder

WEIDER Master Key Systems
WEIDER 1 Level of Keying

System consists of change keys only. To specify non-master keyed locks either stand alone or as part of a larger master system, use SKD numbers.


WEIDER 2 Levels of Keying

System consists of a master key and changes (simple
master key system). This system enables to operate all key cylinders under its 2 hierarchy level system. The individual keys ensure stricter security levels and designed to operate only its designated cylinders.


WEIDER 3 Levels of Keying

System consists of a grand master key, master keys, and their associated changes. This system is designed to handle greater complexity and increasing with additional of 3 hierarchical levels. It enables operation of separate key cylinders group down the hierarchy.


WEIDER 4 Levels of Keying

System consists of a great grand master, grand master keys, their associated master keys, and their associated changes.
GGMK is the symbol for the great grand. The rest of the symbols are the same as for 3-level systems. This is the most sophisticated form of keying system with total of 4 levels of hierarchy that accommodates for diverse configurations in large projects. This system further streamlines access to only authorised personnel.

S Series High Security Euro Profile Key Cylinder

WEIDER factory key systems use high quality brass lock cylinders with nickel silver key blanks or brass key blanks and bottom pins to maximise the life span of a key system. SFIC cylinders in 13 industry standard key ways are available, as well as WEIDER’s EV system. WEIDER also offers a wide range of retrofit lock cylinders in 15 popular key ways, enabling service to many existing key systems. The WEIDER line of retrofit cylinders allows you to mix different brands and models of locks, while maintaining one master key system. Consult the WEIDER Master Key Department for specific retrofit applications.

WEIDER Master Key Systems
WEIDER uses state-of-the-art software combined with many
years of experience to design a master key system unique to
your specification. 

• Both non-patented and patented serialised key control
(EV) products are available for both new and existing key
WEIDER EV products are an affordable solution to
unauthorized key duplication.
WEIDER offers a wide range of products—
From conventional mortise, rim, and key-in-lever cylinders
to small format interchangeable cores (SFIC).
WEIDER understands that your key system is yours. We
assist our clients daily by providing all of the information
necessary to maintain and expand their key systems.

• Offers high security Kite-Mark Cylinder

Security Functionalities:
- Anti-drill : Hardened Steel chrome plated Anti Drill Pins of minimum HRC55
- Anti-pick 
- Anti-Bump : Patented anti bump system to prevent trapping of pins and extra smooth operation
- Anti-Snap: Sacrificial Cut designed to break away under abuse damage and ensuring the remaining Intact
cylinder is still operational
- Anti-Plug Extraction Pull


0-bitted: A cylinder keyed to a blank key for easy keying in the
field. Interchangeable cores are not available 0-bitted. Use
UNC for cores that will be keyed in the field.

CMK: A master keyed and construction keyed cylinder.

KA4: Keyed alike (4) in sets of four to a random bitting.

KD: Keyed different to a random bitting

MKD: Keyed into a master key system. This includes cylinders
keyed to masters only and SKD groups.

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