SA SERIES Gravitational Mechanical Semi Auto Self Closing Sliding Door - Timber & Metal Framed 

WEIDER Semi Auto Self Closing Sliding Door System with Full featured, multifunction sliding door system

Weider Semi Auto self closing sliding system is designed for use with glass, wood, and other door materials. With user-friendly options to customize solutions, the sleek mechanisms remain out of sight.



  • SA-SC-8030-T/M-BS        

Semi Auto Sliding Door with Soft Closing & Soft Opening

  • SA-SC-8030-CMP-BS        

Semi Auto Sliding Glass Door with Soft Closing & Soft Opening

Impressive convenience

Weider Semi Auto compact elegance and wide optional functionality offer enhanced user-friendliness in a sliding door system:

  • Self-closing units allow power-free self-closing action or self opening depending on user installation

  • Door panel is gently brought to its end position with WEIDER's Patented Soft closing

  • Soft Closing adjustment to cater for your interior design needs

  • Speed adjustment without removing door panel

Weider Semi Auto is a versatile system with an elegant appearance to enhance any interior:

  • Suitable for glass, wood, and other door materials

  • For light and heavy doors 110–330 lb (50–150 kg)

  • Choice of finishes in clear anodized, coming soon anodized similar to satin stainless, or numerous RAL options upon request

Easy installation

Weider Patented Semi Auto System makes installing manual sliding door systems particularly uncomplicated:

  • Access to all settings and adjustments thanks to removable front cover

  • Height adjustment available once door panel is hung

  • Patented Soft Closing damping does not require glass preparation and is suitable for retrofit

  • Adapter profile will be available for false/suspended ceilings

  • Tested for use with TLG (tempered laminated glass) 

Hassle-free retrofit

sa-sc-8030-g-cmp-bs +

wdel-9200 + wph-1919

sA-sc-8030-tm-bs semi auto self closing glass door sliding system with soft closing and soft opening, wdel-9200 multifunctional mechatronic digital glass hook lock & wph-1919 stainless steel pull handle 


sA-sc-8030-tm-bs semi auto self closing sliding system with soft closing and soft opening.

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