Shower Sliding Door

SSD-520 Series

WEIDER Shower Sliding Door SSD SERIES

  • ​SC-50

  • SSD-500

  • SSD-580

  • ​SSD-583

  • SSD-280

  • SC-8030-BS-AC (Soft Closing Series Anti Corrosive Series)

WEIDER Shower Sliding Door System with Full featured, multifunction sliding door system

Weider Shower Sliding Door System is designed for use for wet environments. With user-friendly options to customize solutions, the sleek mechanisms remain out of sight.


Space saving

SSD-520 Series provides a discrete solution ideal for both private and public applications, and is also suitable for wet rooms (BS EN 1670, Class 4).

Easy installation

Almost silent operation, thanks to our special self balancing ball bearing carrier design, makes the SSD-520 the perfect solution.The SSD-520 offers versatility in the truest sense of the word. The system can be fixed either to the wall, to the ceiling.

Design options aplenty

The aluminum alloy track unit is available in a range of finishes. Anodized or powder-coated, it can be readily matched to a specific wall or ceiling color.

Long service life

Having successfully completed an endurance test of 100,000 operating cycles to EN 1527, Weider Shower Sliding System can rightly claim to satisfy the durability criterion.

Benefits for the architect/specifier

  • Thanks to the self balancing carrier design feature, Weider Shower Sliding Door System offers exceptional smoothness of operation and convenience

  • The Weider takes traditional shower door systems to a new level so there are no obstacles to its installation and can be easily adjusted without removing door panels.

  • Weider's floor guide offers an impressive combination of effective functionality and easy adjustments.

For the user

- Simple operation
- Enhanced working conditions
- Excellent quality ensures long lifespan

Benefits for the installer/fabricator

- Easy installation and on site adjustments

- Fast, simple fitting, saving time and money

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