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Sliding with a SOFT finish

Shower sliding with soft-close is the innovation to the next level.

Beyond traditional furnitures and BLUM design drawers, we see innovation in the shower enclosure market.

Allow the design to be concealed and durable becomes an key to infiltrating the market for these products.

Unique selling point gives the traditional enclosures a new twist and life. Automation and semi-automation brough to life.


Source: IF Product Design Award, 2013

HÜPPE Design elegance and pure – modern glass showers in an exclusive design. With a diverse range of sliding and swing doors HÜPPE Design offers transparent and intelligent solutions for any room. Designed by Phoenix Design, the all-rounder is available in two variants: elegance (soft, elegant) and pure (reduced, purist). Attractively priced, this design line impresses with Bicolor fittings, barrier-free entry option and technical highlights such as the optional Soft-Close function and innovative cleaning features. HÜPPE Design elegance and pure – the well-designed all-rounder for everyone.

huppe 2014-1.jpg

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