2-in-1 Lock & Handle

Functional and slim provides a well balanced design to the hook lock for slidign door.

Slim and streamline design allow the lockcase to be entirely flushed with the panel.

Latch device makes it suitable for pocket door and telescopic doors.

Highly versatile and adaptable for the popularity of sliding doors are growing exponentially in the current residential context where maximise of space is essential.

Source: Red Dot Award (Interior Design)



Manital Srl, Italy



Studio Mazzer (Treviso) (Mario Mazzer), Italy


slidehook lock.jpg

Flat is an innovative sliding door handle. Both the closing and opening mechanisms are integrated into a plate, which extends around three sides of the door. The opening and sliding functions are accessed by pressing a disc on the upper section of the plate. The locking mechanism is situated in the lower section and is activated by turning a knob.