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Seamless Design Rules

Design, Aesthetics, Beauty, Elelgance, Seamless!

Architectural Hardware Solutions is now THE KEY offering unique customised solutions tailoring to project requirements.

No longer is off-the-shelf design desired especially in tasteful homes and design space where they prefer a personal touch that speaks of individuality in design.

Seamless. The transition between materials without a trace. Design that blends in with the environment unnoticed. This notion can be adapted across product categories which is boundless.

Source: Red Dot Award (Product Design)


Interior Door System


Bodor KTM GmbH, Germany

In-house design

Bodor KTM GmbH, Germany

door .jpg

The principle behind the design of this door, which is flush with the wall, is a seamless transition from the wall to the door frame and door leaf. The door frames are individually manufactured to match the thickness of the walls and their internal rim width is derived from the built-in door frame measurements. Thus, they can be installed exactly flush with the wall. The result is a unified surface with a smooth appearance which, with its clear minimalism, supports to the total effect of a room, or, on the other hand, with a compact door leaf, can create a strong accent in an interior.

Statement by the jury

»The CUBE SF interior door system attracts attention through the delicate and clear appearance made possible by the narrow width of the door frame.«

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