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Access Simplicity

Combinding slim design and technology is a trend.

Multiple features with slim design is what needs to be achieve.

Source: Red Dot Award 2012


Electronic Door Lock


Duen Yih Metal Industrial Co., Ltd., Taiwan


Duckimage Co., Ltd. (Wei-Li Hsiao, Ching-Chan Wang), Taiwan


This electronic lock combines a RFID sensor card with a traditional cylinder. A sleek, minimal sliding cover is skilfully integrated together with a conventional cylinder, providing complete concealment. It can always be opened even when there is no power supply or if electronic parts are damaged. The lock is equipped with a patented, automatic deadbolt throw system.

Source: Red Dot Award, 2012

Concept: 1. Different from regular electronic sensor locks, this design was created to address the various conditions that can occur during user operation. A sleek and minimal sliding cover is integrated together with a conventional cylinder providing total concealment. It can be opened when there is no power or electrical parts are damaged. Innovative egress function inside lever retracts latchbolt and deadbolt simultaneously. It offers greater convenience and safe exit when needed. 2. Equipped with a patented auto deadbolt throw device. 3. Heavy duty mortise lock case endures fire with UL three hours fire test and ANSI 156.13 Grade 1 certified.


Statement by the jury

»The innovative electronic lock is characterised in particular by its robust, elegant casing and ease of use.«

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