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Integrated functional , egromic and aesthetic design

Window Handle in sleek and minimal design compliments overall design intuition.

Egronomically design to ensure minimal force is applied when operation the system.


Window Handle


LG Hausys, Ltd, South Korea

In-house design

Kang-Hyo Lee, Hyung-Geun Kim, South Korea


Unlike traditional window handles that emphasise their decorative or functional nature, Z:IN is set apart by its simple beauty. The harmonious combination of a minimalist, user-friendly form and gentle curves results in an elegant, modern appearance. Particular attention was paid to the distance between the turner and lever in order to keep the force required to open the window to a minimum. The aluminium surface gives the lever a pleasant, non-slip feel.

Statement by the jury

»From shape through to user friendliness, this product is a good example of the advantages of an unswerving, consistent design principle.«

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