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Room at your Fingertips

Control at your fingertips. More than just a remote control.

Remote access just gotten better with time.

Technology in penetrating to our everyday life with its evolving advancement.

In vast boutique hotels and not just homes you observe them in more context and around the globe.

It is not in SCI-FIs but slowly but rightly overtaking the traditional switches and control.

We may never do away with the traditional but sure enough, we see convergence in the two - mechanical and electrical.

Berker R.1 Touch Sensor KNX

Room Controller


Berker GmbH & Co. KG, Germany


Studio Aisslinger (Prof. Werner Aisslinger, Nicole Losos), Germany

rom control.jpg

The soft contours, simplicity and unusual construction of the Berker R.1 Touch Sensor KNX room controller are beguiling. A gentle touch is all it takes to activate the desired function. The touch sensor consists of a base plate in black or white plastic and a glass cover in black or polar white. It controls KNX functions such as lighting, blinds, heating and air conditioning. LEDs indicate operating readiness and switch states.

Statement by the jury

»This room controller is particularly appropriate for sophisticated environments thanks to its excellent design and functionality.«

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