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Subtle & Conceled Notion

Concealed is not entirely new.

However it is becoming popular notion.

Having the functionality while hiding the not so glamourous is an art.

Applying to architetcural hardware the context can be multi-fold and brings a wide possibility. It is contagious because of the inner and explicit beauty.

Source: Red Dot Design (Interior Design)

argenta invisible neo

Concealed Design Hinge


Argent Alu nv, Belgium

In-house design

Brecht Callens, Belgium


argenta invisible neo is a collection of concealed design hinges for interior doors and invisible doorframes. These hinges are perfectly shaped without any visible screws and with materials made to particularly high specifications. Thanks to the built-in height adjustment system, these hinges can easily and quickly be adjusted to all needs. The patented, built-in “Easy-Hook” hook-up system ensures that the door can be hung in its frame and adjusted by just one person without the normally required wedges. The casing of the hinge can be attached in advance at the workshop. The unique, compact form of the hinge arms and the compact dimensions of the hinge itself mean the door leaf can be covered with a thicker cladding, which improves the sturdiness of the door.

Statement by the jury

»The technically well thought-out design of these hinges makes this collection very versatile in use, as they can easily be adjusted in terms of height, depth and pressure without needing to remove the door.«

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