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Mobility, Accessibility & Safety

Mobility, easy access and concern for boundless access has always been a key for all access solutions.

With the improved design for acessibility for areas will also improve the safety of these environments.

With such thought given to end users and spatial design is then complete and adaptable to all conditions and diverse project conditions and usage environments.


Door Handle


PBA S.p.A., Italy


Brunet Saunier Architecture (Jérôme Brunet), France


The design of the Elica handle ensures it is easy to grip and operate, particularly by people with reduced hand mobility. The flat upper part has a wide surface while the end of the handle is rounded to prevent it from getting caught on anything. Vertical handling by wheelchair-bound users is made easy, as is the installation on doors close to room corners.

Statement by the jury

»Thanks to its unusual design this door handle is noteworthy for its aesthetically striking, but at the same time ergonomic styling.«

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