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Window to New Life

Sliding window and doors gives open space concept a new interpretation.

Opening up to backyard and balcony gives high level of access and mobility to configurations.

With the right mix of architetcural hardware give the sliding experience a smooth gliding and product durability and comfort for users.

Source: IF Product Design Award, 2012

allround window.jpg

All-Around Window with end-to-end opening is a multi-functional, all-in-one window system, which maximizes user convenience by combining the features of a lift sliding window and turn window. The window frame can be turned and slid on both sides while it is folded, giving it double opening space and closing flexibility. It provides excellent ventilation, supports easy cleaning, and offers the best possible view to increase communication with the outside world. Minimized SF frame thickness and no unnecessary rails to maximize interior effects. Door can be opened or closed with little force using the principle of magnetism to maximize user convenience.

all round window-2.jpg

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