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  • Push Pad PD-550

Universal Push Pad PD-550 SERIES

Universal Push Pad PD SERIES

WEIDER Universal Push Pad Series. The WEIDER Push Pad PD Series offers spectacular quality. And all the more so where absolute precision is required in welding and grinding likewise machined with the utmost care..

Push Pad PD Series sets a new standard


in this regard – whether for new installations or refurbishments.



Light-action push pads which operates auto locking mortise locks, mortise escape sash locks or night latches. WEIDER PD-550 SERIES offers very high security and functions. PD-550 Series is suitable for offices, stairwells and areas where occupants will be familiar with the operation of the device. PD-550 series push pad allows user to install the push pad in any direction they require as latch handing is reversible.

PD series can be used with auto locking locks or mortise locks with panic exit function such as WEIDER  WL-9500, WL9830, WL-8500, WL-9800, WL-9000.

Available in Stain Stainless Steel (SSS) and Titanium Black (TBA) finish. Other finishes upon request.



Emergency exit device, for single and double doors.

Escape from inside is possible at all times. Door is secured by a steel deadlocking latch bolt.



Product meets the requirement of EN 179.

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