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  • ASL 5800 Light Duty Plug & Play Automatic Sliding Door


ASL-5800 Automatic Sliding Door

WEIDER Light Duty Automatic Sliding Door with its track dimension of only 35 mm, the compact design drive virtually merges with the facade. Hereby, the panel's upper profile is absorbed by the drive unit and concealed and in alignment with the track. The drive itself meets DIN 18650 which complies with the current standards and regulations. Together with the slim profile system, the slimline drive unit gives the sliding door a stylish appearance which harmonises particularly well with sophisticated glass curtain walls and smartly emphasises their lightness.


ASL Light Duty Plug & Play Automatic Sliding Door Series sets a new standard


in this regard – whether for new installations or refurbishments.

Easy installation

Installation is done like any ordinary sliding track without complicated settings and configurations. The motor drive unit is simply a plug and play methodology.

Convincing technique

The ASL SERIES holds Narrow Stile Framed doors, Timber Panels as well as glass panels up to 50 KG firmly and securely in position with only two fittings. The ASL series motor drive auto detects track length and adjust its own default setting. additional adjustments could be done easily with a push of button on the motor drive


ASL SERIES third-party verification

With respect to quality and the production process Confirmed completion of 200,000 operating cycles. DIN 18650

Benefits for the architect

  • For flexible, functional and design-related applications.

  • Easy Installation and maintenance.

  • small profile design with easy plug and plat feature

  • auto detection of track length without complicated setup 

Benefits for the installer

  • Easy and reliable installation – saves time and money and ensures satisfied customer.

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