• WVH SERIES Acoustic Sound Proof Door Handle

WEIDER Acoustic Air-Tight Sound Proof Handle. The WEIDER Acoustic Sound Proof Handle Series offers spectacular quality. And all the more so where absolute precision is required in welding and grinding likewise machined with the utmost care.

Acoustic Air-Tight Sound Proof Door Handle Series sets a new standard


in this regard – whether for new installations or refurbishments.

Weider Acoustic Sound Proof Door Handle.
The Acoustic Sound Proof Door Handle is also called sound proof  handle, airtight door handle.The roller securing handle is developed for a soundproof door for a music studio, or electromagnetic shield door. The door can be tightly closed cooperatively by turning the handle


  • Feel soft because the grip is plastic.

  • Click mechanism to hold each state when opening and closing.

  • Two types of catches. For the embedding type, the installation position can be adjusted.

  • For both left-hand and right-hand use. The required left- or right-hand use can be obtained by rearranging the roller and cap on the top of the handle.




broadcasting studio door, music hall door and any kind of soundproof room door.


Material : Stainless Steel, Rubber Grip

Additional Features  

    1)   This Soundproof Door Handle is used to doors which need tight shutting and soundproofing.


Acoustic Air-Tight Sound Proof Handle SERIES

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