Sliding Door System

WEIDER offers several manual door systems for various applications. Our line of Semi Auto manual sliding doors are the prefect solutions for facilities such as hosptials, special care units and surgical centers. WEIDER also offers a comprehensive line of Hardware for Tempered Glass Sliding Systems, Metal Sliding Door Systems and Timber sliding Door Systems, designed to meet a wide range of application needs.
WEIDER Sliding Door Systems offers entrance door hardware at the highest calibre. 
International patents provide unique features and uncompromised quality. Universal preparations enables ease of installation and door preparations.
For any projects type and size, WEIDER Solutions has the solutions for Residential, commercial, Institutions, healthcare, government and hospitality projects.  
Ease of maintainence and high quality means low overall costs to provide economical solutions for our end users.  
Semi Auto Sliding System
Sliding System
Telescopic System
Synchronised Biparting System
Synchronised Telescopic System
Slide Folding
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