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Integrating all the functions for convenience and safety from mechanical to digital, Weider Digital Motor Door Locks clearly offer you more than just security. In addition to this, we also placed a lot of effort in the aesthetic design of these products, so that your Weider Digital Door lock can actually enhance the appearance appeal of your door while securing it at the same time. Weider digital motor door locks bring you key-less convenience to unlock your door. Choose from the latest in digital door locking technology - smart card (MIFARE), touch pad, wired & wireless open source connections - to open your door. Each offers an immediate door opening solution and adds simplicity to your lifestyle.


WEIDER WDEL-983 Digital Door Lock

Smarter Solutions for your home.  


WDEL-983 offers advanced 4-in-1 access solution  

Lock Type: Mortise lock

4-in-1 solutions

Entry Options:

  • Smart Card (MIFARE)

  • PIN Code

  • Mechanical Key

  • Open Source Smart Home Connection

Product Specifications:

  • PIN Code: 6-12 digits 

  • Colour: Matt Black 

  • Front Body Dimension: 80(W) X 99 (H) X 9.5 (D) mm

  • Back Body Dimension: 80(W) X 99 (H) X 9.5 (D) mm

Product Features

  • Push & Pull door handle is convenient to use (push door panel to enter, suppress lever handle to exit)

  • Especially designed for in-swing and out-swing doors

  • Various Access : PIN Code, Smart Card (MIFARE), Mechanical Key Override

  • Anti-hacking prevention

  • Dual Function: Passage and Auto Locking Mode

  • Home Automation output 

  • Compatible with Z Wave & Bluetooth 

  • AC power Adaptor 

  • Safe handle Mechanism

  • Low Battery and Emergency Access

  • Pure mechanical automatic Locking Feature


mechatronic digital door lock


mechatronic digital door lock - automation system 3rd party app control

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