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  • WPH SERIES Entrance Pull Handle

  • EPH Series Entrance Pull Handle

Pull Handle WPH SERIES


Pull Handle WPH SERIES

WEIDER Pull Handle. The WEIDER Pull Handle WPH Series offers spectacular quality. And all the more so where absolute precision is required in welding and grinding likewise machined with the utmost care..

Pull Handle WPH Series sets a new standard


in this regard – whether for new installations or refurbishments.

Quality feature I
High precision in pull handles with fixing spacers.
The susceptible transition point between the pull handle
and the fixing spacer/support needs to feature a consistent,
high-quality grain, and the radii of both the pull handle
and the spacer also have to fit perfectly to meet WEIDER’s
demanding standards.

Quality feature II
Mitred joints place enormous requirements on welding and
grinding accuracy.
There can be no defects in the joint area. The weld has to be
perfect in order to render it properly invisible by grinding.
Because the inside angle is very hard to access, the grinder
has to work with the utmost precision. And the same goes for
the outside angle where it is important to enhance the clarity
of the contours.

Quality feature III
The ends of our curved pull handles are likewise machined
with the utmost care. High-quality bending jigs ensure the
avoidance of dents and sink marks.
As in the case of the mitred joints, maximum precision has
to be applied to both the inside and outside radii in order to
produce a uniformly smooth, high-quality surface.

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