Product Solution Matrix

WEIDER offers Achitectual hardware at the highest calibre. 
Fire rated and specifications that meets any type of project specifications and requirements. 
International patents provide unique features and uncompromised quality. 
Universal preparations enables ease of installation and door preparations.
For any projects type and size, WEIDER Solutions has the solutions for Residential, commercial, Institutions, healthcare, government and hospitality projects.  
Ease of maintainence and high quality means low overall costs to provide economical solutions for our end users.  


Soft Closing/ Soft Stop / Soft Cushioning Sliding Systems-

Opening, Closing and Dividing Solution Matrix

Where customer centric solutions provides the key to success
Semi Auto Sliding Soft Close System
Sliding Soft Closing System
Glass Sliding Soft Close Systems
Shower Sliding Soft Close Door
Telescopic Soft Close System
Synchronised Soft Close System
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