Ease of Access made Keyless and Colorful

Wireless access that makes it easier with the emergence of this gadget.

Provides security to homes and residential areas. Fully controlled using your mobile phone.

Advancement and integration to our everyday lives has been pushed ot the next level where the device is able to diary and keep a log record of who has entered your home.

With an app, I would assume it is compatible with ipad too.

No keys, passwords or pin to remember and access cards and tags to bring.

Simply dont minss to pocket your phone before leaving home and you have everything you need in your hands.

Source: Red Dot Award



Smart Lock


August, USA



fuseproject (Yves Béhar), USA


Standard metal keys are often unwieldy. By contrast, the smart lock offers secure, simple and comfortable access to the home. The system consists of a locking device made of anodised aluminium as well as an app for mobiles that allows authorised users entry. Small LED lights signal when the lock (red) or unlock (green) command has been received. The door bolt can still be opened and locked from the inside using a physical key.

Statement by the jury

»This smart door lock distinguishes itself not only thanks to its high-quality design, but also thanks to its ease of use and access management.«

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