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Acoustics X Fire

Fire door with Acoustic function to widen its application.

Note-worthy is the significant architectural hardware solutions play in the context.

Fire rated architectural hardware gives life to the door and vice versa.

They are inseparable components of fire-rated door and meeting the internation standards and qualifications required.

Source: Red Dot Award (Interior Design)


Fire Rated and Acoustic Door


Porseg, Sistemas de Segurança S.A. Arcozelo, Portugal

In-house design

João Oliveira, Portugal

PLANO is an innovative fire rated and acoustic door, which meets current market needs with regard to design, quality and versatility. The door has a fire resistance of 60 minutes. It is notable for its minimalist design while providing maximum safety. The frame and the door leaf are on the same plane to ensure that PLANO fits perfectly into every type of environment. Locking mechanisms are hidden. PLANO is available in stainless steel, chrome-plated or painted.

Statement by the jury

»The technically and aesthetically convincing design of this fire rated and acoustic door is remarkable largely for its appearance, which gives an impression of unity and harmony.«

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