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In Form and Substance

In form and in substance.

What it may seem may not be what it is.

Design perceptions and deceiving images which the subject gives may give design more playfulness and contemporary feel. Less boring than its conventional counterparts.

Today, architetcural hardware is not just about functionality.

It is a part of interior design, fulfilling the dreams of architects and designer. HOme and project owners.

It is a norm that you have to be creative. HOW is the question.

Berker Serie R.classic



Berker GmbH & Co. KG, Germany


Studio Aisslinger (Prof. Werner Aisslinger, Nicole Losos), Germany


With its pleasant round shape and a design featuring a pure, straightforward rotary knob, the Serie R.classic harks back to old circular switches. This collection is produced in plastic (black or white) or in combinations of plastic and glass, aluminium or stainless steel by mounting a frame of the high-quality material onto a white or black plastic base plate. A wide range of functions leads to the creation of many different versions and makes the switches suitable for many different applications.


Statement by the jury

»This collection re-energises the classic form of the circular switch. High-quality design makes it particularly suitable for state-of-the art architectural environments.«

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