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ONE Fits All

Advancement of Centralised control with a minimalist touch.

Sound, Light and all appliances at one touch with this little gadget device for multi-storey home or small office.

You have the world in your hands coming to life at your fingertips.

Source: Red Dot Award


Control Device for Home Automation


Comelit Group S.p.A., Italy

In-house design

Comelit Group S.p.A., Italy


HABIT(S), Italy


ONE is a control device for SimpleHome, Comelit’s home automation system. It is designed for the management of light levels, light colour using an RGB lamp, temperature and sound, as well as the automation of other electric home appliances. It is a standalone, integral control system that combines all home automation functions and commands in one device. It’s intuitive to understand its interface, equipped with dynamic gesture control for easy use.

Statement by the jury

»The clear, minimalist design and extreme ease of use are the hallmark of a well-made home automation.«

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