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Sliding Door Made Flexible

Flexible solutions to architectural hardware has always been the key to improving solutions application to wider context for architects and designers at large for various projects.

As applications of the sliding system grows globally, the context of use and functionality remains vital.

In vast solutions today, as solution designers and specialist for architectural hardware, product integrity, performance and durability is also the key to end user satisfaction.

To ensure product inhancement cannot be compromised, at product development phase, consideration has to be given for each design elements for it to be an "all-rounder" product for architects, interior designers, contractor and installer as well as end users to contemplate the product as a successful one.

Source: Red Dot Award (Product Design)

GM Toproll® Balance

Sliding Door System


Glas Marte GmbH, Austria

In-house design

Bernhard Feigl, Austria

With an overall height of only 50 mm, GM Toproll Balance is one of the lowest profile sliding door systems. The small distance between the glass and guide rail, and the absence of a brush seal, results in an almost completely closed construction. The guaranteed vertical position of the glass doors comes from a simple principle: two rollers on two guide rails. The system can be mounted on the wall or ceiling in a single- or double-leaf configuration. The combination with fixed elements can be integrated into the system.

sliding door red dot.jpg

Statement by the jury

»The sliding door system is impressive for the exceptional combination of the height of the construction, the maximum weight of the glass and the roller-guidance system.«

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