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Accessibility Deserves a Wider Application

Uncluttered design and streamlined notions is significant.

Ease of accesibility and moving forward without barrier to entry is the key to control acess.

Immerse in the application of accessibility for end users you will not only find that security provide the eentiality of architectural hardware solution while convenience of accessibility provides the essence to improved mobility and well though of space utility and functionality.

These elements and grounds must be adopted in the current design to suffice in today's age of architectural harware solutions.

Source: Red Dot Design Award


Destination Control Unit


KONE Corporation, Finland

In-house design

KONE Corporation, Finland


The KSP 858 destination control unit is predestined for use in modern, architectural settings with its clean lines and graphics that help passengers to select their destination. The clear, high-contrast design means it meets international accessibility standards, making it a people flow management solution that can be used worldwide. Consisting of a robust aluminium frame and a square glass display, the system’s construction allows it to stand out spatially and visually from its surroundings, while also making it easy to clean.

Statement by the jury

»Thanks to a well thought-out, versatile user concept and high performance, the elegant KSP 858 destination control unit will suit a variety of buildings.«

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