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Integrate and take control!

Integration of everything smart, sound and remote.

Smart living and e-intergated is not of the future anymore but the PRESENT.

With the advancement of technology and thurst for convenience of the fast-paced world we live in today. Under one roof, under one space to one device has it all.

Where space and time does not restrict movements and control, fully maximised the potential and the once unimaginable.

We are in an era that moves faster, swiftly as before. What is next? Dont be surprised.

Source: Red Dot Award (Product Design)


Switch System


Elsner Elektronik GmbH, Germany

In-house design

Mathias Käfer, Germany


The Corlo switch series is made convincing by its high-quality glass and chrome surfaces, no-holds-barred manufacturing quality and durable materials. What is new is the touch display that, with a standard grid size of 71 mm, only takes up one grid unit/socket. The touch surface is used both as a switch and for the automatic adjustment of building services engineering. The mechanical push buttons feature an integrated thermometer for room climate control. Solar, wireless push buttons with a built-in buffer battery can be mounted without the need of a socket and be placed wherever required.

Statement by the jury

»Corlo fully meets the demands of a comprehensive switch programme. What is particularly noticeable is the thought-through functionality and unified appearance.«

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