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Digital Era of Hoem Control

Digital control of home appliances however with aesthetic appeal

Interior aesthetic appeal and an edgy appearance gives the designer and architects as well as end users more experience and satisfaction.

Source: Red Dot Award 2011


Room Controller


Basalte bvba, Belgium

In-house design

Klaas Arnout, Sandra Maes, Belgium


The Deseo room controller combines simplicity, ease of use and sophisticated technology in an attractive and innovative way. The touch-sensitive operation makes for an elegant, ingenious and user-friendly control of all automatic domestic operations using a tool that is no bigger than a standard switch. An integrated display enables the fast and intuitive use of all functions. For example, a preset lighting for a room can be called up and blinds, thermostats, the heating system, ventilation and air conditioning can be activated at the touch of a switch. What is more, the control console may be used to operate a central music system. Deseo has also been developed for use with KNX/EIB home automation systems. It comes in a range of top-quality materials and finishes, such as brushed aluminium.


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