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Electronic Access

Electronic access is becoming the in this era.

New ideas sprining to life and brining the traditional hardware to the next level.

Source: Red Dot Award 2010

SmartHandle 3062 Digital Door Fitting


SimonsVoss Technologies AG, Germany


ergon³Design (Peter Trautwein), Germany


This digital door fitting combines intelligent access control with an ergonomic design. The elegant, flat housing hides an innovative technology. In the digital locking and access control system 3060, the door fitting communicates with identification media via RFID. It controls the access of up to 64,000 users with regard to time and space. With this innovative door fitting, mounting features an interesting aspect: it can be quickly and easily installed without wiring and there is no need to drill through the door leaf or change it otherwise. Essentially, mounting simply means that a screw is tightened. A functional principle, for which the patent is pending, guarantees a stable and secure position. In addition, this locking system is operated by batteries allowing for a lifespan of more than ten years.


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