WEIDER Solution


With 4 decades of experiences, Weider posess a team of talented designers with abundant techinical expertise and develops market centric product innovations.


Sustainable products Solutions is about deveoping products not only for the present but understanding the future needs. Long- and short-term interest ensures that the Group run a sustainable business and sustainable solutions that are flexibily integrated into every day lives.

Observing trends in each individual markets, cutting through complexities and clutters, with ease of installation, operation and maintenance comes a creative solution that is versatile. That's forward innovation.  

Forward Innovation & Creative Thinking: ​

Patented Technologies and Design

R&D represents a significant aspect in the growth of Weider. Patented designs and global recognitions of certifications backed by our inhouse testing facilities builds strong fuoundation to each stage of our product development process.

TOTAL SOLUTION:​Market Centric Product Bundles

Patended designs and technologies gives us the competitive edge to stay ahead of competition.Tailored and customised solutions geenrates customer satisfaction from every level from the Architects and designers to contrators and end-users.


GLobal Outlook Localised Solutions

With a global outlook, we focus on the ever evloving architectural environment in individual international markets. Localizing products to meet each project specifications with compliance to international standards and certifications. Quality assurance and performance.