About Us

Weider Metal Inc.® (AUSTRALIA) established since 1975. Since her establishment in 1975, the factory aimed to produce highest quality standard of their products. ​As the industry evolved with more sophisticated product demands Weider Metal Inc.® (AUSTRALIA) grown to be market-centric and responive to project requirements. By 2014, Weider Metal Inc.®(AUSTRALIA) continues to focus on its R&D innovating and improvising its designs to bring about quality architectural hardware and fittings offering market centric solutions in both local and international markets. In late 2014 and early 2015, Weider emphasied on efforts in the Electronic Access Solutions & Partitioning Systems. The break-through allows Weider to leverage its expertise in mechanical foundations to be fused with matured electronic developments in the IT security industry creating the integrated modular systems and solutions.

Where customer centric solutions provides the key to success
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