Stainless Steel 3DX Conceal Hinge

WEIDER Stainless Steel conceal hinges for aluminum and timber doors

The exceptional design features and high quality of WEIDER conceal hinges offer the guarantee of optimum reliability and extended service life. Our non-maintenance bearing ensures our hinges provides high performance and ensures excellent load and 3d adjustments characteristics. This results in doors which move silently and effortlessly.


WEIDER 3DX conceal hinge series provides an range of loading to suit your application an demand. Furthermore, with its designed non-maintenance bearings ensuring capacities of 80 to 160 kilograms per pair, covering from residential doors to the commercial usage.


The design concept of four knuckle hinge along with bolt through parallel supports are the design principle to forms an even distribution of loading from door leaf to frame.

Product Features

  • 304 grade stainless steel

  • Complete with SUS fixing screws

  • non-maintenance bearings

SUS 3DX Conceal Hinge

  • SUS 3DX Hinge

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